Ctek MXTS 40, 40Ah 12V-24V

Ctek MXTS 40, 40Ah 12V-24V

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The MXTS 40 is essential equipment that is suitable for universal use in the 12V and 24V vehicle workshop or showroom. It is a simple to use, electronically safe battery charger with rapid charging for all chemistries. Equally suited to battery support, the MXTS 40 provides selectable constant voltage settings to avoid ECU damage due to voltage fluctuation during programming. In addition to the 8 step charge progress display, the OLED display is easy to see and provides clear readouts of important charge parameters including current, voltage and amps charged. Highly portable the MXTS 40 comes with 2.5 meter cables and detachable clamps.

The MXTS 40 is IP20 classified, housed in heavy duty polycarbonate for rough environments and designed to protect vehicle electronics. It is non-sparking, reverse polarity protected, and short-circuit proof.
Ideal for workshop and showroom use

40A/12V and 20A/24V output

Electronically safe multi step rapid charging

Selectable constant voltage power supply to ECU'S

Temperature compensation and battery reconditioning functions

Heavy duty 2.5 detachable charge cables and clamps

Compatible with PRO accessories

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